The TransFair-AT Project

Objectives of TransFair-AT

TransFair-AT aims at analysing policy scenarios achieving a full decarbonisation of housing and mobility in Austria by 2040 by linking a macroeconomic model with a vehicle choice model, a transport demand model and a building stock model. We will assess the emission impacts as well as the macroeconomic and distributional effects of policy sets on different household types and develop measures to compensate vulnerable groups ensuring that the disposable income of disadvantaged household groups is not reduced.

Work Packages

WP1: Foundations

WP2: Model Preparation and Linkage

WP3: Comprehensive Model-based Analysis of Policy Scenarios

WP4: Synthesis and Policy Recommendations

WP5: Stakeholder Involvement and Dissemination


Claudia Kettner-Marx

Austrian Institute of Economic Research

A-1030 Wien, Arsenal, Objekt 20